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Our reunion is coming up soon, and we are still trying to gather/confirm current contact information for some of our classmates. If you know the email address, phone number and/or mailing address of any of our classmates listed below, please let us know.

James Bonds
Marty T. Boyer
Kim A. (Bruenderman) West
Margaret A. (Burgess) Passmore
J. Wesley Burt
Johnna M. Cook
Frank E. Daugherty
Jim E. Franklin
Tracy E. Friedmeyer
Ken M. Fults
Rhonda K. (Giles) Allen
Mike T. Greenlee
Cheryl A. (Heiney) Meyer
Jim H. Horn
Chris James
Kevin M. Hubbard
Beth A. Kaempfe
Martha J. (Kaempfe) Domahowski
Mike T. Knighton
Patricia A. (Martin) Mehrtens
Robert Martin
Tim S. Meyer
Jim L. Miller
Kim (Milleville) Fielder
Norbert A. Miller
Teresa Phillips
John C. Sardo
Cheryl L. (Schaetzke) Williams
Dwain M. Schilly
Kari A. (Standard) Perez
Tammy R. (Thompson) Lewis
Vicki (Werner) Moloney
Patty A. (Wilson) Peterein


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